Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding
Composite bonding is done by placing a material over your teeth, giving you a straighter more vibrant smile. This procedure is reasonably less harsh on the teeth than porcelain dental veneers and can still help fix a wide variety of things like gaped, chipped or even crooked teeth. The expenses are also considerably lower than other cosmetic work and can cost as little as a dental filling.

In-lays and On-lays
In-lays and on-lays can be done when a tooth is cracked or fractured but does not have enough damage to require a crown or root canal. They are extremely durable and can last several years and will help encourage the strength of the tooth and
inhibit eventual dental work being needed later on.

The benefits from getting a dental implant can be endless. Implants are artificial teeth that are implanted into the jaw bone so they are made to look and function just like normal teeth. When receiving dentures for missing or extracted teeth, care and effectiveness can become a hassle. This can immensely improve the appearance of a persons smile because you will no longer see a gap from a missing tooth and they are specifically made to look like all your other teeth.

Safer Treatments For Dental Work

Professional tooth whitening products are safer than the ones that you buy over-the-counter. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products can make your teeth more sensitive. They can also harm your enamel if you use too much of them. Professional teeth whitening treatments are not only safer, but your local cosmetic dentist can use the right amount of whitening. This will reduce sensitivity and pain.

Long-Lasting Results

The results of an at-home whitening treatment will not last long. Professional teeth whitening treatments last much longer. In fact, your top rated local certified doctor can give you a take-home kit, which will help you maintain the results.

Expert Information

Your local cosmetic dentist will exam your teeth before they perform an exam. Tooth stains and blemishes can be an indication of a more serious dental problem. For example, a tooth stain can be an indication of tooth decay. It can also be an indication of a root canal problem. These dental problems will need to be corrected before the teeth whitening treatment is performed. You must contact a dentist. Your health could be at risk.

If you use an at-home whitening problem, then you may be masking a more serious problem. You can improve your oral health and whiten your teeth if you see a cosmetic dentist.

Honey of Artsakh

Do you want delicious and pure honey? My friend’s parents live in Artsakh and deal with honey and sell many excellent honey. We have been honey for the winter for the second year now. I also advise you to be really honey;) 1 kg is 3,500 drams.

As a beekeeper, Artsakh honey is a wonderful honey because Artsakh has a wonderful nature. I also sell my honey for 1 kg 3500 drams. Hurry, the number is limited.

1, 2, 3 … Parachute opened!

parachute jump
my first parachute flying
Running from the helicopter and starting counting: 121,122,123 (3 seconds) then look up and make sure that the parachute has been opened and everything is normal, check that you do not have other parachutists nearby and you’re on the flight …
I just do not have the words to describe the great pleasure of the flight and in general, from this two days at the Arzni airport. Every time I came in, I was smiling as I remembered 🙂 Everything was fantastic and wonderful, to the Armenian Parachuting Federation of Mursi for this flight and say that I still have many flights :))))

Check out the official website of the Parachute Federation of Armenia.

Here you will know what you need to join the federation and realize your desired flight, you will know the history of Armenia’s Parachute Sport Federation and the history of parachutism in Armenia, you’ll see the photos of the federated members of our Federation who might have found your friends and acquaintances, and maybe even yourself.

Welcome to us, sign up and forward to a real sense of freedom that you will never feel on the ground. It can only be felt at a height of several hundred meters when the blue sky is so close and the air flows a smile full of your happiness.

The blue sky is waiting for you.

Top Tariff Armenia analyzes your smartphone

The app analyzes your calls and, based on those results, offers you the most up-to-date tariff plan.

The first appendix I made was Paruyr Sevak’s poems appendix.
And I want to talk a little bit about the second one.

The app is called Top Tariff, after downloading it into the smartphone, analyzes calls from your phone (VivaCell, Orange, Beeline), SMS, the volume of used internet and offers the three tariff plans, you will pay the minimum amount for mobile services.

For each package, for a month, it predicts the amount of monthly expenditure.
The app lets you choose the best tariff plans by choosing a preferred operator.
The app lets you view the list of numbers you most chat with.
In short, a useful app that should be used at least once and select the correct plan.

Do you want to save your money and to pay less for mobile services in Armenia?
If yes, so the best «Top Tariff» is just for you.

It analyzes all your phone calls to different destinations (VivaCell, Orange, Beeline), all your SMS messages, as well as the amount of the internet traffic you have used. Based on the results of the analysis it offers you the most suitable tariff plan in which case you will pay a minimum amount of money for mobile services. The «Top Tariff» works for the subscribers of all the mobile operators and it offers the best choice for you. The «Top Tariff»

  • Will show you the duration of your calls according to your mobile operator
  • Will show you the amount of the internet traffic that you have used from the time when you have first switched on your mobile phone
  • Will show you the amount of the SMS messages that you have sent
  • Will show with whom you talk the most
  • Will offer the most suitable tariff plan for you
  • Will tell you the amount of money you would use when having another tariff package
  • Will show the three best tariff packages of your mobile operator.
  • Value and save your money with the help of «Top Tariff» – the best tariff plan in Armenia.

Rate your money and save it with Top Tariff.
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