1, 2, 3 … Parachute opened!

parachute jump
my first parachute flying
Running from the helicopter and starting counting: 121,122,123 (3 seconds) then look up and make sure that the parachute has been opened and everything is normal, check that you do not have other parachutists nearby and you’re on the flight …
I just do not have the words to describe the great pleasure of the flight and in general, from this two days at the Arzni airport. Every time I came in, I was smiling as I remembered 🙂 Everything was fantastic and wonderful, to the Armenian Parachuting Federation of Mursi for this flight and say that I still have many flights :))))

Check out the official website of the Parachute Federation of Armenia.

Here you will know what you need to join the federation and realize your desired flight, you will know the history of Armenia’s Parachute Sport Federation and the history of parachutism in Armenia, you’ll see the photos of the federated members of our Federation who might have found your friends and acquaintances, and maybe even yourself.

Welcome to us, sign up and forward to a real sense of freedom that you will never feel on the ground. It can only be felt at a height of several hundred meters when the blue sky is so close and the air flows a smile full of your happiness.

The blue sky is waiting for you.