How To Identify Brain Injury Symptoms After A Car Accident

In 2016,7,277,000 vehicular accidents were reported across the United States. And 37,461 deaths were caused in these accidents. One of the biggest concerns that doctors have with regard to car accident victims is the probability of brain injury. Here are some brain injury symptoms after a car accident,which drivers and passengers should be able to identify. Contact a doctor and a- if you experience any.

Tips on Identifying Brain Injury Symptoms After a Car Accident

The physical damage sustained during a car crash would depend on several factors including the speed of the cars,the angle at which the crash occurred and existing road conditions. It is quite likely that the drivers and passengers,and sometimes pedestrians,will have sustained some obvious injuries such as cuts and bruises. However the injuries that are more worrisome are often not as evident.

Some signs that one may have suffered a brain injury include headache,nausea,trouble concentrating and difficulties with coordination. A sudden and extreme sense of exhaustion,sensitivity to light and sound and slowed response time are some other worrying signs of an underlying brain trauma.

If you or anyone else involved in a car accident is left unconscious after the crash,has a seizure,reports numbness in the extremities or has dilated pupils,immediate medical attention is recommended.

It is crucial that all accident victims are checked by medical professionals and cleared before they return home or to their workplace. Sometimes the symptoms may not be visible until much later. And so,it is a good idea to not leave an accident victim alone during the initial hours after the crash.

The best- suggest that people seek medical treatment at the appropriate time and not delay it. It is also important to document these symptoms and the following treatment,so that the information can be presented while making a claim.

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