What Are The Most Common Reasons For Hair Loss?

We live in a society where every individual is subject to modern stresses that have an impact on their lives and their health. We are subject not only to stress in our professional and our personal lives but also to environmental stress caused by pollution and exposure to toxins in the air and water. In addition,our eating habits and lifestyles have caused obesity and heart disease to become the number one and two killers of people across the globe. However,there is another consequence of our increasingly stressed lifestyle – it is only one of the reasons for hair loss.

Other reasons for hair loss

There are other reasons for hair loss as well. These can include hormonal changes and the effects of certain medications. There is also the inevitable fact that certain people are more likely to experience significant hair loss due to genetic factors making them more predisposed to hair loss as they age.

Hair loss can be a problem for both men and women – but studies have shown that it is far more prevalent among men. There are two main ways that people experience hair loss – those are either extremely suddenly or over the course of several months or even years. The form that the hair loss takes can be a thinning at the crown of the head or in men the gradual receding of the hairline from the forehead. Other types of hair loss include localized bald spots and hair that is only loosely attached to the scalp and will easily be pulled out by simple tasks such as brushing.

Hair losscan have devastating effects on the self-confidence of the individual

Whatever the common reason for hair loss the fact that it happens can have devastating effects on the self-confidence of the individual. Fortunately,there are a number of treatments that can mitigate the effects of hair loss. Medications are available over the counter or in stronger formulations from a doctor or hair loss clinic. If you are suffering from the effects of hair loss consult a professional today.

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