What to Do if You Are Injured at Work

Work may be stressful,but it should not cause illness or injury. If it crosses the line,then you may be entitled to compensation. Employers are required to carry insurance to cover workers when things go wrong. For example,construction workers who fall and office workers who develop back pain can expect their medical costs to be covered by insurance. Here’s what to do if you are injured at work,according to leading -.

Seek Medical Attention

Have a doctor examine the problem for a complete diagnosis and immediate treatment. This also ensures that there is a medical record of the incident. You may need to present this later on to the management if you cannot work. The insurance provider will also ask for it to verify your claim.

Report the Injury

Report the injury to your supervisor or to the HR department,and do so as soon as possible. Give a complete account of the incident which led to the injury. Get their advice on how to proceed,because internal arrangements can differ from one company to the next. Ask for a leave of absence if you need to.

File for Workers Compensation

The medical costs and lost wages can be a massive burden. File for workers comp to reduce the financial shock. Provide the insurance company with all the evidence they need to process your claims including medical records,receipts,and employment documents.

Hire a Lawyer

It is usually a straightforward affair,but sometimes claims can run into problems. For instance,the employer may prevent workers from filing to save money. They can threaten to fire an employee if they disobey. Workers may also find out that their employer failed to carry workers comp insurance as stated by law. Hire a- and explore your legal options.

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