Why It Is Essential Settling A Work Comp Claim With A Lawyer’s Help

Are you or your close relative thinking of saving a few dollars by settling his work compensation claim without the help of a work accident attorney ? To understand why Settling a Work Comp Claim with a Lawyer’s Help is important,we consider the case of Ramirez v. Stuart Pierce Farms (June 5,2018) in the North Carolina Court of Appeals in which the claimant settled the case without seeking a legal counsel. The court held that the settlement was final despite that the claimant invited the court to note had he retained a lawyer and that had certain records been considered a higher settlement would have been reached.

Therefore,it is important for injured employees to commence the process with the help of a lawyer since any process once started and settled can never be reversed. It is worth noting that that many insurance companies are quick at negotiating a settlement once they are in receipt of a claim. Everybody wants quick money,alright? Unfortunately,many injured workers wrongly believe that a settlement is almost certain or a must. This makes most of them to either get lesser settlement packages or nothing at all. Some will wait until they are technically knocked out based on the statute of limitation.

The law allows injured workers to seek a second opinion disability rating from a recognized doctor,a private South Carolina workman's comp attorney or an insurance adjuster. Sadly,many workers seeking settlement seldom seek these opinions. By retaining a lawyer,you open up your ways of getting all these things done,allowing you to increase your chances of winning a reasonable claim.

Those who do not engage the a reliable lawyer do not know the nuances of the law that provides them with unlimited rights,including the rights of representation. In the case cited above,the court established that the Commissioner was justified to approve a settlement based on the information presented to his office.

In the view of the foregoing,workers need to know that work comp claims come with high stakes and that any slightest mistake can compromise the chances of obtaining the best settlement. Therefore,be careful if you are handling your work comp claim alone. Hire a highly experienced and trusted on-the-job injury and get everything right the first time.

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